About the Story

The Fire and the Rose is a four-part graphic novel. The story begins as the story of Fah, a young Thai girl who finds herself tricked into a life of prostitution in Bangkok. Her life once again changes when she is forced to accompany a visiting American on his beach holiday. Ben seems completely unlike the men that she is accustomed to dealing with, and as Fah finds herself unwillingly drawn to him, she must battle against both the outer and inner forces that would keep them apart. Read the completed first chapter here!

Chapter 2 finds Fah (now called Skye) trying to adjust to her new life in Texas with Ben. Determined not to disappoint him, Fah throws herself into being the best American she can be – but with the pressures of communicating in English, Ben’s jealous ex-girlfriend fighting to win him back, and what seems to be Ben’s growing detachment, it’s going to be a lot harder than even she anticipated.

Updates will be made to the story on the 1st of every month. Check back then, or read all of chapter two in order here.


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