Chapter 2, pg. 4



I really wanted to post a new section in June, and thankfully I was able to just slip this under the wire. I know it’s not much, but life is starting to get less crazy, so hopefully from here on out I will be able to keep to my regular posting schedule! (And post longer installments than this!)


Chapter 1, final pages!

Since I like watching Korean dramas, a few months ago my sister rented me one from the library. We watched the first episode, which I thought was a little random, and then I checked the back cover of the DVD to get a better feel for where the story was going. Well, it turns out that we hadn’t even made it to the back cover yet. The whole first episode was all back-story; the real story hadn’t even begun to start.

That, my dearly appreciated readers, is what this first chapter was. Random back-story. You haven’t even made it to the back cover yet.

Check back on March 1, when the real fun begins.